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Cutting-edge Appearance Design

We reduce the need for physical prototypes and mockups in the Design Process


UVR scientific approach is disrupting data visualization towards Iso-Photography


Create predictive simulation including spectral and polarized properties


Take the stress out of prototyping freeing Stakeholders from complexity


Improve product development efficiency through isometric digital simulation


Accelerate design and product development, and reduce errors, time-to-product, and cost


Digital prototyping

UVR software suite is designed for use in Industrial Design. It provides Designers and Engineers with the capability to carry out highly accurate spectral and polarized optical simulations. These advanced simulations enable the creation of visual contents that are isometrically converging with photographs, to the extent that it's possible to produce a photographic representation of a product before it physically exists. This process is referred to as ISO-PHOTOGRAPHY.


State-of-the-art technology

At the crossroads of predictive optical simulation analysis and iso-photographic visualization, UVR provides a fully integrated software suite that empowers stakeholders to deploy and implement digital twin technologies and solutions efficiently, accelerating innovation and increasing ROI, freeing Designers, Engineers, and Decision Makers from complexity.

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Spectral & Polarized light

UVR's proprietary algorithms transcend the boundaries of RGB by simulating accurately the interactions between light and materials. With Predict Engine, real-life phenomena like a raindrop creating a rainbow on a sunny day can be replicated with accuracy.

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Importance of polarized simulation

Simulation of polarization properties is critical for maintaining visibility under diverse lighting conditions, in order to minimize the impact of polarized sunlight. Polarized light can be almost entirely reflected or absorbed by a surface at different angles, changing the visibility of the object. This phenomenon can lead to various visual effects, such as enhanced or reduced reflections, change of color or intensity of transmitted light, and alteration of the visibility of objects.

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Importance of polarization for display and HUD

Polarization simulation enables the reduction of glare and improves screen readability. It also helps to prevent visibility adverse effects and guarantees display and HUD's visibility through polarized sunglasses. Integrating spectral and polarization properties enhances the readability of displays, HUD, and infotainment systems in various lighting conditions.

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True-to-Life simulation

UVR software enable Users to leverage Digital Twin technology, significantly reducing the need for physical prototypes and mockups. Our software suite serves as a single source of truth, spanning from appearance perceived quality to optical performance validation, allowing for cross-functional collaborative work that benefits all stakeholders while maintaining Design Intent.

Use Cases

Automotive color control and management

UVR Predict Engine enables the modeling of light's spectral and polarization properties, allowing intricate visualizations of how light interacts with surfaces and materials. This allows Designers to accurately forecast how materials influence the appearance of paint.

Automotive interior - perceived quality

Ensuring precise color depiction is pivotal for achieving and preserving uniform color appearance. Spectral rendering plays a vital role in accurately portraying the appearance of various materials under diverse lighting situations, a key aspect for interior design.

Automotive lighting systems

Spectral simulation for lighting systems in automotive is a crucial aspect of vehicle design and development to enhance safety, efficiency, and aesthetics. UVR Predict Suite offers powerful tools for achieving optimal aesthetics and ensuring optical compliance.

One Single Source of Truth

At the crossroads of optical simulation and iso-photographic visualization, UVR develops an unbiased and hyper-realistic solution which emphasis on generating reliable predictive imagery.

One Single Source of Truth

They trust us


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